10% discount (building reports)

Be certain that your new property doesn’t have unexpected structural issues.

Gain an insight into the entire condition of the property before you buy.

Structural Reports:

The structural report checks the structural integrity of the property. This report will cover the walls, floors, ceiling, roof and sub-floor space of the property.

Premium Building Inspection Reports:

Our premium building inspection report checks the interior, exterior, roof exterior, roof space, sub-floor space and the property within 30 metres of the house including carports, detached laundry, garden sheds, retaining walls, paths, sheds, steps and fencing.

Tasmanian Building Inspections Reports:

  • are comprehensive electronic inspection reports including photos that comply with Australian Standard AS4349.1  2007
  • have fast turnaround times – we provide reports guaranteed within 24 hours of inspection
  • are thorough, unbiased and easy to read

Tax Depreciation Schedules:

As an investor it is crucial that your investment is returning you the best possible financial outcome. A tax depreciation schedule is prepared by a qualified quantity surveyor and is a report that outlines the depreciation allowances that a property investor is entitled. This can save you thousands of dollars off your year end tax return.

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