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At Briggins, we’d prefer to focus on our suits and the services we offer. Offering convenience, quality and delivering a customer-focused experience our travelling suit tailor is ready and willing to come to your location if it works better for you.

There’s that special something about a bespoke or tailored suit. It fits you, and only you. And, somehow, you walk taller. From the fabric and the cut right down to the lapels and the buttons, everything about the suit is your choice.

At Briggins, we’ve made it a simple, enjoyable and empowering experience to have custom-made suits made just for you. Let’s get this straight: we’re here to make you feel your very best version of you, and our tailors work closely with you to achieve the result you want. This means more than just taking measurements: it’s about listening, educating and bringing your tailor-made suit to life.

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